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Planning Goals, Planting Seeds

goalseedsJanuary offers us a time of respite from all the holiday chaos. We remove the holiday trappings, and nestle into our routines. This is the month of ‘down time’ and planning for the year ahead.

l_b9f1cd0c7ebf94af5897ee8c04105ed0In pagan traditions, you have the coming holiday of Imbloc/Imbolg, also known as Saint Brigit’s Day. Imbolc means either ‘in the belly’, referring to the sheep readying to birth lambs, or comes from Old Irish, imb-fholc, which means ‘to wash or cleanse oneself’. As in a ritual cleansing. Here you can read more about the fascinating history of this day.

What I also found interesting is the tie-in to Groundhog’s day. Some believe it comes from a Gaelic tradition..

Imbolc was believed to be when the Cailleach—the divine hag of Gaelic tradition—gathers her firewood for the rest of the winter. Legend has it that if she wishes to make the winter last a good while longer, she will make sure the weather on Imbolc is bright and sunny, so she can gather plenty of firewood. Therefore, people would be relieved if Imbolc is a day of foul weather, as it means the Cailleach is asleep and winter is almost over Link

But what about seeds as goals?

Not all pagans have physical crops or gardens, and often our goals are seen symbolic of the goals we ‘plant’ for the year.

garden plannerPlan out your goals. Like a garden, it is always a good idea to plan out the goals beforehand. Goals, like seeds, need a rich environment to take root. This can take form as a better attitude, clarifying the steps needing to reach the end goal, and gathering resources such as friends and colleagues to help encourage those goals’ growth.

Weeding out what doesn’t work. Similar to gardening, your goals cannot flourish if weeds such as distraction or chaos gets in the way of what you’ve set as a goal. Remove them. Sometimes, you also need to adjust your actions to the need.

Tend to your goals. Plants can grow without help, but as any gardener will tell you, spending time to tend the garden helps it flourish and improves success. Goals are the same; you give attention to what needs to be done to reach fruition and harvest.

Learn from defeats. Life doesn’t always work out the way we want, and achieving goals can be disappointing when you don’t reach your goals. But fear not; it is not the end of the world. Consider what you can do different, and try again. Sometimes a goal (or garden) requires a longer time, richer soil, more water, less water, etc.

Goals might require more effort, or different effort, or it might take longer. You might find the goal isn’t something you wanted in the first place.

Hope this helps those out there with goals in mind, and that you find what you need.


The end of winter….hopefully

Snow Home 012

Now the weather shifted to warmer winds and brighter skies, thought lend to gardens and growing things. The photo added to this post are the purple Crocus in my back yard. I’m amazed my cat hasn’t squished them. He likes to sleep in the garden, often flattening an area to make a kitty nest.

299974_1960485705288_1637172176_1503949_1091223536_nMy husband is an avid gardener of veggies. He shares gardening with a friend, and last year, we got so much tomatoes, potatoes, squash, and other yummies. We still have things in the root cellar.

So I felt I’d share some gardening tips and ‘pins’;

How to lay out a planting bed

Paint rocks. This is a great idea for garden markers, or to mark stones for directions (east, west, north, south), or add reminders of Life.

35 Pest and Disease Remedies

Plan-a-garden– online tool

Garden veggies that grow in the shade.

How to make newspaper seed pots. You can also make seed starter trays out of cardboard egg cartons.

Remember, as pagans, we also recognize the symbolic ‘seeds’ of our wishes and wants through the year. Even those require care;

Weed out what hinders growth.

Water with attention and focused effort.

Feed the goal garden regularly

Sometimes, things will die. Learn from mistakes, but move on. You can’t grow without a few mistakes along the way.

The 2014 New Year


The history of calendars fascinates me, as our 365 days are not perfect. We end up with more or less time to keep track of. The Leap Year takes care of it to a point, but in past calendars, accommodating the imperfect year shifted to adding or removing days.

Its sort of silly to have January 31st as New Year’s Eve, and while some pagans recognize October 31st as the New Year, our society recognizes the end of December as the official shift to the new year.

Either way, I like taking the time to make New Year’s Resolutions. So with the New Year, I like to consider the goals I want to accomplish in the year ahead.

I pick less than 10 goals. Having more than that lends to failing, and lack of focus. Sticking to fewer, and therefore, more important goals, lets me focus on what needs to be done.

I never beat myself for not accomplishing goals. I recognize why I didn’t accomplish the goal. This generally means its something I really didn’t want to do after all, or that I need to change my tactics to reach that goal. (It took me a long time to stop biting my fingernails…for instance).

I will count all successes as successes, even if I didn’t originally have them as goals. I deserve that recognition. Winking smile 

I ask myself if it’s the goal will move me forward in life. This helps me recognize what’s important, and what’s not the best for me.

I try to be specific on how I want to accomplish goals- without caging myself into doing it just one way. Being flexible allows me to try new methods to reach goals. The end justifies the means.

So far, my goals including publishing a novel length book, expanding my business, losing weight (that always manages to be on my list), and to be more goal-oriented for this coming year.

What are your goals? Do you set them in December or October? Do you find success each year? Do you not bother? Post in comments.

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