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Mixed family altar

Not all pagan keep permanent altars in their homes, and sometimes its because not everyone follows the same path. You can, however, provide a mixed family altar where everyone can combine their beliefs in one place.

You will need;

Mutual respect. Even if someone is Christian, you should respect that path and if they wish to set up a cross or similar religious symbol. Sharing respect strengthens family bonds, and helps encourage one another in their spiritual path.

Candles. If you worry about fire, you can also use the flameless candles. Its for the mood, to symbolize enlightening and energy.

Offering plate (or bowl, basket or other container). Here is where family can put prayers, promises, offerings, and other items in a single space for the Divine. I would suggest including a small pad of paper with pencil so members can jot down words when the need arises.

Offerings can often take many forms such as food, drink, incense, prayers, promises, shiny things, and intentions. You could even put money, and then the family can vote on where to send and which charity.

Season and holiday symbols. For instance, a spring altar might include eggs, flowers, but also crosses, and symbols of Christ’s resurrection.  A winter solstice them can include symbols of the god, but also a nativity scene.

The family altars becomes a special place where members can individually or as a group, gather together for prayer and spiritual expression.


Mabon- second harvest

TOSHIBA Exif JPEGThis year, my group celebrates Mabon, the second harvest and Autumn Equinox, on the 22nd. It’s the actual day of the equinox, marking a shift in the season, and when you need to consider preppping for the winter months ahead.

Mabon celebrates the Goddess’ descent into the underworld. (Inanna, Persephone). It’s a time to reflect on your goals and harvests, to give thanks for the things in your life, and to be grateful on what you’ve reaped what you’ve sown.

Mabon at About.com– this provides lots of information on the history, the legend (of Mabon) and ideas to celebrate.

Spell Stars– a fun activity for Mabon using applesauce and cinnamon. These smell wonderful through the winter months. Apples are in season and traditional for Mabon.

Earthwitchery’s page on Mabon– This page shares some ideas on how to celebrate, including some recipes.

One year we made Lanterns. I felt this was perfect since we enter into the dark half of the year, and you create the lantern to light your threshold, to bar negative energies, and welcome good things into your house.

Other activities can include;

Storytelling– Share stories of myth and legends, such as the story of Mabon ap Madron, Inanna, or Persephone.

Brag and Boast story telling– Share a cup of wine, mead, or other drink with the group and share tales of your adventures from the passing year. Embellish the story as you like.

Sing-a-longs– You can share chants and songs with a group. You can find some songs here. You can find chants on this page– many include sound files.

Share your own traditions and ideas in comments below.


Joy and Sorrow Ritual


Joys and Sorrows ritual. I wanted to share a bit more in-depth on the topic of sharing joys and sorrow in group ritual.

There are a few reasons why you might want to incorporate this;

  • It builds bonds. Knowing the joy/sorrow of fellow members provides each member some insight on what they’re going through. Empathy and compassion might be enough to keep someone going through troubles afloat, while the person enduring the hardship might find a bit more light in an otherwise dark life.
  • Offers support and help. I also find that sharing those bits of your life offers members the opportunity in case someone could help. A member mentioning being out of work might find a someone’s job looking for employment, or getting the word out. Another member, might find an offer of help to get out of their situation, or advice.
  • It reminds of us balance. Even solitary, you can light a candle for joys and sorrows. It acknowledges the hardships we must endure to learn and grow, but also reminds us to focus on joys that we might otherwise take for granted.

How to do the Joy and Sorrow ritual; Select a tray or plate, or a bowl filled with sand. You can use tea lights, birthday candles, or other candles. One for each joy or sorrow.

Ask each member, or if you’re solitary, state out loud the joy and sorrow you want recognized and light the candle. Take a moment to consider- 1) what lesson will you learn, or how can you grow from the sorrow, and 2) bask in the joy you feel to celebrate that.

Let the candles burn through the rest of the ritual and blow out at the end of ritual, giving thanks for what Life/the Gods/Higher Power/etc gives you.

Post in comments thoughts and ideas for this. I’d love to hear from you.