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Wednesday Witch: Phyllis Curott

philliscurotFor the Wednesday witch, I wanted to cover Phyllis Curott, an attorney and Wiccan priestess, as well as author.

I’ve read Witch Crafting: A Spiritual Guide to Making Magic , and found she touches upon the heart of magic, the spirituality of the Wiccan belief system. She covers more in the way of true spirituality rather than practice.

Her site, unfortunately, doesn’t offer much other than a list of her works and some back history, but I still felt she was well worth mentioning.

Here is a video on some of her thoughts-

Her views on forgiving someone who hurts us…

Treating kitchen burns

burnthumbI meant to blog yesterday but burned my fingers on a hot pan. It’ been a while since I burned myself that bad. Generally, its a little burn, I say ‘ouch’ and the pain goes away. This time, however, the pain lingered on and on and on, but I knew the steps for healing;

– Put Aloe Vera on the burn as soon as possible. I slathered this all over the thumb, and two burned fingers. The sooner the better.

– Put the burn in cool/cold water to stop the pain. I was already in the kitchen, so a bowl of water, and cool water helped ease the pain a bit.

– Treat the burn with an ice pack. I add ice to a Ziploc bag and cover with a paper towel. This keeps it handy and easy to refill as needed. You could also make ice packs with other stuff-

Create ice pack with Dawn dish soap.

Ice pack with rubbing alcohol.

Freeze Aloe and use as ice pack.– I wish I thought of this before I got burned.

You could also use frozen vegetables in a pinch as well. Peas and corn work best since the bag will be easier to manipulate around the wound. 

I was burned at dinner, and by bedtime, the pain waned just enough so I could sleep.  I worried I might sleep with the bag of ice (and it might leak).  Today, only a slight mark on the thumb indicates where I was burned at all. 

The burn should’ve blistered but I feel the Aloe helped the healing process more than anything.

What are your treatments? Post in comments

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A self healing technique- acupressure

Source: soc.li via AnaMaria on Pinterest