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Playgen- A Playful Pagan

4600_108730191188_4571045_nI invented a new word the other day; Playgen (noun) a person or persons who enjoy being silly and playful in their pagan spirituality. i.e.. Derived from ‘playful pagan’.

Okay, maybe I didn’t make it up as much I misspoke the word when I was talking to someone . I meant to say “Playful Pagan’, but it came out Playgen, and it just hit me how funny to consider oneself a Playgen, following of a tradition that focuses on playful magick and ritual. Yep, that’s me.

In the past, within the coven, I had the reputation as the goofball. A joke here, silliness there, and soon I found myself labeled ‘Loki-touched’. One member said I should ‘tone it down’ since apparently he felt I wasn’t serious enough on a Sabbat. I reminded him that it was a HOLIDAY, after all, and since I dealt with Major Depression most of my life, I’d be damned if I was going to tone down anything in regards to my joyfulness and willingness to bring laughter to others.

IMG_0894I don’t care of other’s opinion. I revel in my celebratory path of spiritualism. Too often being silly gets confused with being immature or not being ‘serious’ about religion, and that is the farthest from the truth. I simply view religious as being expressed through smiling, laughing, embracing that childlike fun.

I even have a coined term “Through laughter, you find enlightenment”. The idea being that within moments of joy and laughter, you can find mental good health, physical good health, but understanding of yourself.

So how does being a playgen differ than being a regular pagan? Mostly its attitude; it’s seeing Life as something to be enjoyed and to find fun things in even the most mundane.

For example, I will cast wish spells with bubbles/bubble wand. You visualize your need and all the magick of need, will, emotion, convalesced into your breath in which you expel through a bubble wand. The magick will be released when the bubble pops. (Even the bubble wand can be consecrated as a magickal tool)

I also believe in the power of laughter can drive bad luck and negativity from your life. It can release negativity such as anger, envy, hate, and low self worth. There’s mythologies that speak of laughter driving away bad spirits.

There’s also a form of Laughter Yoga- Check it out.

Its also a form of community. There’s something about someone laughter that will make others smile, even when they have no idea what the person is laughing about.

Here is a video that illustrates that- take note of your own feelings while watching it, if you don’t smile or laugh yourself.

I know this is true because once, when I lived with my room mate, Bob, I started laughing. I can’t even remember what I was laughing about, but it was one of those belly laughs that bubbled up into wheezing and squeaking out words. He started laughing too, to the point of wheezing and managed to gasp out “Why are you we laughing?” and I squeaked out “I have no idea” which sent us into more peals of laughter.

What are your thoughts? Want to be a playgen? Interested in future posts on the subject? Should I create my own tradition? Post in comments.