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Lammas- ‘Loaf Mass’

blogstewAugust 1st (Northern Hemisphere) marks the first of three Harvests we celebrate through the year . Lammas, a word from Anglo-Saxon meaning ‘loaf mass’ celebrates the first crops of wheat. Bread is often made and shared, as well as feasts, games, and sun related activities.

Happy Bread is a recipe I found the other day that looks perfect to celebrate Lammas. Not only is this a sweet type bread, its formed to look like the sun.

A Hub Page on Lammas– Includes some cool activities such as sacrificing bad habits, and harvesting your own crops or make a day to go out and pick berries and other crops.

PaganLibrary’s page of Lammas- Includes Catherine’s Wheel tradition of rolling a wheel down a hill to mark the end of summer and beginning of the Harvest season.

Lammas is the time of year where you need to finish the goals you’ve set, to plan for the winter ahead, and to consider what you’ll leave behind. It’s a time of being grateful for what you have, to celebrate the food on the table and the shortening days of summer.

My favorite traditions of Lammas;

  • Baking, and not just bread. My group celebrates with a feast so we gather together and eat great food, and talk about what we’ve accomplished through the year.
  • Crafting. I like working with weaving hemp cord, making jewelry, and working with clay. Its being creative that takes this shape of celebration for me.

What are your favorite traditions? Post in comments.

Lammas Follow Up

sunflower2The Lammas celebration ended up being last minute in comparison to other sabbats. It still went off pretty well.

We ate dinner beforehand, cast a simple circle, started a small fire, and did some activities to honor the harvest.

Bragging and boasting– I love this practice from the Asatru traditions, where you pass a drinking horn and brag about the exploits of the year. I think its important to celebrate our accomplishments as individuals.

For myself, I’m proud of my writer’s meetup and my wiccan meetup. They have good people in them, the meetings are fun as well as productive. Members tell me how the groups help them get out of their shell, how it encourages them to learn and grow, and I’m glad I made that happen.

Praising– For a mild change, I also had the group take turns praising their fellow members. This can be tough with new members you just met (which we had) but everyone praised them for joining us.

The act of praising others also helps honor your fellow wo/man. It provides an opportunity to share good thoughts with someone else, and I think its these little acts that can stretch far to help another along their journey.

I found praise for my efforts in the group, for teaching, and one surprising comment included the relationship I have with my son. I was surprised someone felt that worthy to praise, being she recently met me, and I still have the warm fuzzies for hearing it.

Sacrifice of bad habits– I forgot pencils, so we opted to simply infuse the bad habits and blocks in our life to the pieces of paper we had. We then burned them in the cauldron, to turn them into light and warmth, and recycle to the Universe.

I sacrificed my overthinking, my fears of trying, my procrastination, and general sense of low self worth. Like clearing weeds, I hope to replace such things with courage, daring, pro-active attitude, and reminding myself that I’m awesome. Winking smile

Blessed be.

Lammas facts, tips, and how to-

3b4ceca812adf4c1Lammas is the first of three harvest festivals in the Wheel of the Year.

The word literally translate into ‘loaf’, celebrating the first harvest of wheat. Its also called Lughnasadh, honoring Lugh the Sun King.

Traditionally you serve bread, make crafts from corn and wheat such as corn dollies, and honor the harvest gods and goddesses such as Ceres, Demeter, Herne, Lugh, and Tammuz (just to name a few).

Falling on August 1st, this holiday sometimes get celebrated the night before.

  • If you want to partake in harvesting but don’t have a garden, take the time to visit a farm where you can pick your own. This helps farmers locally and the food is guaranteed fresh.
  • Take stock of your goals you’ve set for yourself, and appreciate what you’ve accomplished so far- give thanks.
  • Share a meal with friends and family, or cook food to share as gifts.

This weekend also marks a full moon. Some groups keep esbats and sabbats separate, while others combine them. And some groups celebrate on days closest to the day as they can, but let’s be honest; sometimes you can’t celebrate on the actual day and that’s fine too.

You should also note that on early morning Friday, the Perseids meteor shower occurs.


Celebrating the Seasons by Selena Fox

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