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June Strawberry Moon


One of the aspects of knowing the moon names lets you understand what to expect from the month. Strawberry moon is where you look for ripening berries. (not just strawberries).

Some ideas for June Moon:

Go strawberry picking. You can use a search engine and put in “local strawberry picking’ to find local farms that let you pick your own.

Make something special with strawberry. I like trying new recipes and ideas. One year I tried homemade strawberry ice cream made in a blender. It was delightfully refreshing, no added sugar, and very health.

Soft Strawberry Ice Cream

You will need:


1/2 to 1 cup milk (cow milk, soy or almond milk, or use juice or even water).

Add ins. This can include peanut butter, honey, or anything that sounds good to you. I’ve also added chocolate chips.

Slice strawberries up and freeze until frozen. If you try to put full frozen strawberries in a blender, it can get rather violent. Add the milk/juice/water. I add 1/2 cup and blend until I see the consistency I want. Add more, and you get a smoothie. Add less, and you get ice cream.

Blend and adjust, then spoon into a bowl. This recipe is easy and can use any sliced fruit you have on hand.


Strawberries filled with Nutella

I like to call this ‘strawberry covered chocolate and used to make this for my writer’s group. It was very popular.

You will need:

Strawberries (hulled and hollowed out)


Fill Nutella into the strawberries and set in the fridge to set a bit. Don’t forget napkins when serving. You can also use melted chocolate chips or chocolate wafers.

DIY Dried Strawberries

Slice or use whole strawberries. Lay out on a cookie sheet with parchment. Set in an oven at 210 F for 3 hours. These taste like strawberry candy but are healthy for you.

June Activities:

DIY Sandals from flip flops. Perfect for the coming summer!

DIY Floral Head wreath. Make these for Midsummer.

Charge your crystals under the moon. Set them on a window sill or outside that you know will see the moon’s light.

Harvest herbs. Some pagans prefer to harvest at Midsummer, but you can also harvest at the full moon.

Make crafts now for Midsummer. By the time Midsummer rolls around on the 21th this year, you can bless your creations in ritual.

Share your own full moon crafts, activities, and recipes in comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

The power of the fruit

smoothieAs I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been doing changes to get results in my goals. As with Midsummer coming in a few weeks, and the season brings all sorts of fruits and veggies, I even started drinking smoothies for breakfast, with some protein powder. It’s a great change.

I have more energy. As an insomniac, its not unusual for me to feel lethargic and tired. I don’t want to spend my days napping, however, and since consuming the healthier, more natural stuff, I find myself more active and prone to DO stuff, rather than sit and read/play video games/ write.

I lost a few pounds. Its not as dramatic as I’d like, but I can feel the difference of the five pounds. I think I need to amp things up by actually working out. I’ve been taking my dog out more for her to run, but I need to do more things with her (rather than just throwing a ball). I might take up jogging again.

My smoothie recipe: Its real simple

1/2 cup strawberries. These should be frozen. If you buy fresh, cut them up and freeze them.

1/2 banana. I cut in half, and use the other half for the next day’s smoothie. Cut these in slices and freeze as well.

1 – 1/2 cup of V8 Splash. Any juice will do, but I love the Tropical Blend. 1/2 cup makes for a thicker smoothie, but adjust for your own taste. You can also use milk, or even water.

1 scoop protein powder. I buy the chocolate kind. Its only 90 calories per scoop. I think it’s a ‘Biggest Loser’ brand.

Blend in food processor or blender until smooth. Drink up! This is around 150 calories and carries me over until lunch. It also makes a great snack as well.

Try a week of smoothies and see how you feel. You can opt to use peanut or other nut butters to replace the protein powder. You can also consider just throwing in almonds, or other nuts, or even add spinach.  I want to try adding spinach next week after I go shopping.

What healthy things do you do? Do you like to exercise? Do you ‘diet’? Do you have goals to lose weight? Get fit? Share in comments.

Thoughts on celebrating

IMG_0479After a number of years of solitary as well as group rituals for the Sabbats, I find that celebrating takes many forms. I planned a Litha ritual with my friends yesterday, but the time was a bit late in the day. This led to having the potluck meal beforehand, and guests brought some great food, Sangria, and spiked Jell-O. It was awesome.

Time passed, and we all agreed that it was enough to enjoy the companionship of the meal to honor Litha. I think in hindsight, we should’ve had a group prayer or moment to honor the gods, but I’m sure we’ll work out the expectations of the holidays in the months to come.

My point to this post is the the holidays are as much for us as the gods, to honor friendships, Life, and blessings we have in our lives. Its up to us to decide how to do so.

There’s plenty of traditions to choose from, but its important to follow what feels right, and what speaks to you personally. Go with your heart.

On a side note to those who have groups or covers, I suggest having members participate as a group to help organize rituals and potlucks. This allows for practice for newbies, while allowing the more experienced to share their ideas. The ritual or celebration ends up a group effort, holding more meaning and symbolism that touches upon the souls of all who participate.

Our meals consisted of;

Teriyaki chicken skewers

Homemade gnocchi with garlic

Broccoli and cauliflower cooked in broth and garlic

Croissant rolls

A meat and cheese tray

Homemade Sangria, served in apples with fruits

A ribbon Jell-O mold spiked with Vanilla Rum (this was very good!)

Cookies and cakes