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Moon Meditation: End of the Celtic Year


I often use the moon cycles as a way to embrace the ebb and flow of meditations. During the dark half the moon, I tend to reflect on the past and planning, while the Full moon, I reflect on taking action.

This month’s moon is also the Harvest moon, the end of the Celtic calendar where you celebrate Samhain. This means preparing for the winter months, and ending the previous year.

CatSleepFor me, this year has sucked. Goals weren’t met, and in fact, most efforts ended up a mess or putting my life worse than what it was. I’d like to chalk it up as ‘life’s lessons’, but so much of the ‘not-working-out’ hinged on the idea of luck (or lack thereof). What can be learned when you seem to just have bad luck? Not much.

But even in the darker moments in life, you can learn valuable things about yourself. I believe it is the hardships that mold and shape us more than the events that work out. I’m not saying I like it that way, but my point is that you can glean a lesson despite tears and pain.

And my lesson? I realized this year I do too much. I put way too much on my plate where I couldn’t focus on the few things that mattered most. So this past September I began to trim and cut my task list down, quitting groups, and pulling back on things that wouldn’t lead me anywhere. It was very much like weeding a garden; figuring out what was blooming and what was being choked out with weeds.

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Organizing became easier with a planner. And not just any planner.  I also began to use composition books and altered them into monthly planners. I jot down ideas, add my task lists, and journal through the month. This helped me realize what was working and what was not.

A great thing with your own personalized planner is that you add new sections as needed. For instance, when December rolls around, I will add a section for gift making/buying, card making, recipes to make, events to do, and so forth.

They make great spell books, dream notebooks, or even a book of shadows.

Moon Meditation: Sit in a quiet spot with a journal. This can be anything from your computer, plain paper with pen, or a notebook. Now take long deep breaths, drawing in ‘light and energy’ while blowing out all worries and negative feeling. Once you feel calm, imagine yourself a seed stretching your root (spirit) into the earth, and drawing in its energies. Now once you feel anchored, stretch out your spirit like a tree (or flower) stretching the heavens to release doubt, fear, anger, etc. Once you feel at peace, consider the year’s end.

What did you achieve? Did you also find new goals? Did you learn valuable lessons? Is there anything you need to ‘weed’ out of your life in order to spiritually grow? Ponder these things. Once you feel ready, write these down in your journal.

The Artful Life- Working with the moon cycles

On the site, The Artful Life, I found this graphic that best illustrates using the moon cycles as a means to work through goals and attuning to the natural rhythm of the moon phases.


Moon Monday- June

1290576248946502I’m starting a series of blog posts on the topic of the moon, entitled Moon Mondays. I’ll post facts about that month’s moon, but also tips for esbat rituals.

This month’s moon of June is known as Strawberry Moon, a time marked by gathering the ripened strawberries.

This is also the month where you harvest honey, to make mead. This is why June becomes the traditional month for weddings, as well as ‘honeymoons’. Mead was often served at weddings.

The moon offers more than illumination in the sky-

  • The moon controls the tides, which in turn connects to many of the mating seasons of sea life.
  • Moon cycles also connect with women’s menstrual cycles, but because of artificial light, this often gets out of sync.
  • The moon is slowly moving away from the earth by 1 centimeter each year.
  • No nation claims ownership of the moon.
  • A Blue Moon is a second full moon within a single month.
  • There is another ‘moon’ of earth, called 3753 Cruinthne, which is known as a ‘planetoid’. Although not a true moon, its name comes from the people of early Ireland.
  • The three phases of the moon represent the three phases of the Feminine; the Warrior Maiden, the Fertile Mother, and the aging Crone.
  • Due to the connection to women’s menstrual cycles, the moon is often represented by the Goddess. However, some cultures have moon gods- Sin (Mesopotamia), Tecciztecatl (Aztec), and Tsukuyomi (Shinto) are all moon gods.

Mead Recipes

June Moon Tip: gather water from the rain, a stream, or other natural source, and set out under the full moon. This will infuse energy from the moon. I use rainwater for circles.

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