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My Top 10 Blog Posts 2014

Here, you will find the top ten posts of 2014 for this blog. In 2015, I intend on more frequent, helpful, and fun-filled posts for my readers.

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Pagan tattoos

A collection of spells

The Worm Moon

Tips for dream interpretation

Oastara, and the First Day of Spring

My new sacred space

Sacred space

My husband bought me a lovely used desk for Christmas, and built me some shelves to go with it. These are adjustable, so one shelf is now my private sacred space.

It includes:

– The green sign at the back says “Life is a journey, not a destination’. I made this as a ‘doorknob spell’ but now it hands on the altar where I can write quotes and intentions on the back. Its covered in packing tape, which makes for a small dry board.

– Two star decorations. Both are gifts from friends, and add that positive energy that friendship brings.

– Two butterfly candles. The butterfly represents the spirit, and transformation of spirit. Light/fire also symbolizes transformation and change.

– Flower pot plate- very useful to add stones and a small candle. This is also a good post to add incense, and jewelry I wish to empower.

– Crystal ball- I got this decades ago from another friend. It came with a pewter dragon that my cat at the time decided it was a great idea to knock over and crack the face and leg off. I got a new base for it, and it reminds me of using vision to see clearly in Life.

– Pentacle amulet (On the back wall) was another gift from a dear friend. I love the design and the energy she brought to my life.

– My pentacle necklace (hanging on the right with the pentacle décor). Yet another gift, with the necklace part made by my husband. More fond memories and reminders of friendship and love.

If you take note, the back ‘wall’ is all corkboard. This will let me past a number of things such as photos, pictures, prayers/chants, and reminders.

I love it. Its there, in front of me, ready to be used when I need it.

Pagan bling and pride


One of the handy things about pagans who wear their jewelry openly, is that it advertises who they are. I can’t tell you how often I’ve met someone who said they liked my necklace (no, not the one in the picture) and we hit it off as pagan friends.

The down side is that it can also add conflicts, such as in the workplace, or family gatherings you know your pentacle or other jewelry might offend someone. Generally I wear my pentacle and other ‘bling’ under my clothes if I deal with a customer (I’m self employed). Not that I am ashamed, but I don’t want others to assume things of me without the benefit of a conversation.

This is not to say I think its healthy to be ‘in your face’ with your religion either. You wouldn’t want someone doing that to you, and taking any form of aggressive stance serves only to add to conflict, not open a person up for discussion, debate, let alone acceptance.

I can honestly say that by taking the approach of respectful distance earned me respect from others. It offered opportunities to state my beliefs, without argument, and in some cases, coworkers and strangers were more intrigued than turned off.

What are your thoughts? Wear it proud, or do you have certain rules for yourself in wearing jewelry? Post in comments.