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Wednesday Witch: The Witch’s Kitchen


Witch’s Recipes offers tons of recipes for all sorts of holiday, ritual, as well as sorted by ingredient.

I didn’t find too much in the way of recipes for spells or potions, however. There’s always a need to find some good dishes for potlucks.

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Mabon Follow up


As with many holidays in the pagan traditions, you can find a number of practices to celebrate. I think its important to understand that’s it’s a holiday first, however, that anything you plan is correct.

We feasted. There’s something magical about sharing food with friends. We had stew with Crescent rolls, fresh salad, a variety of cheese, crackers, fruit, and hummus dip with a bread loaf. Someone even brought a jar of Jif Hazelnut spread. The best thing of all? The jar gets left at my house! NOM NOM NOM

We considered the blessings in our lives. Each of us wrote on pieces of paper the blessings we received this year, and shared them with one another. I felt its important to not just name the blessing, but explain why you feel it’s a blessing. For instance, I can say I feel blessed with friends, but its their wonderful humor and delightful conversation that I feel so very blessed to have in my life.

We considered offerings. Offerings can be literal or symbolic, to being something physical or even something spiritual. Some ideas for offerings were ‘volunteer at a soup kitchen’, and ‘daily devotionals’ for a month. The idea is that you do something to honor the gods and yourself, in appreciation of all the blessings you’ve received this year.

I am blessed with friends, my son’s terrific sense of humor, a new car, creativity, a published story, and other things. My offering is daily devotionals each morning, but also to try to be more socially active, and make changes to make the world a better place.

Book of Shadows assignment: Dedicate a page of all the blessings you’ve received this year. They can be anything from the physical plane such as a new car or job, to something less concrete such as a better mood, or your health. Once you’ve compiled your blessings, consider what you can do to give thanks for those blessings.

Here are some some ideas;

  • Do something creative as an expression of spirit as well as in honor of the god/dess, and give as a gift to someone who needs it.
  • Promise to do good things for others for a certain amount of time.
  • Kick a bad habit
  • Create a good habit in your life such as daily meditation, cut down on red meat, be more positive towards others, etc.

Use the links below to volunteer and donate;

Care2.com– a site filled with ideas on how to make the world a better place through social action, and more. Check out their click-to-donate page.

Habitat for Humanity– building affordable housing for the poor.

Top rated charities– make sure your donations go for the right cause.

Freerice.com– this is actually a pretty fun site with games to play that help to feed the hungry.

Charitii.com and freeflour.com also provide games to play that earns clean water and food for the poor.

Raise funds to help others. Check out the Squidoo page for ideas.

A bit about Mabon

StinkbugMabon is one of three harvests, celebrating the first fruits of Second Harvest, with some history with the Welsh god, Mabon ap Modron. .


Mabon history and activities

For my group, we celebrate with a potluck. There’s something very magical about gathering with foods from each member to share. We often get introduced to new dishes, or special foods made special for us. The very act of cooking for others, I feel, also touches upon sharing magick with one another in a strong, primordial way.


Mabon Cooking at about.com

This time of the year also marks when the Goddess descends into the Underworld. Pomegranates became symbolic, as well as making offerings are often popular in group. Meditation and learning of your Self is important. Its also a time to shed what must be left behind as we prepare for the darkening days. You might decide to clear out stuff in your kitchen, or focus on getting rid of a bad habit.

Mabon Pomegranate spell for Wisdom

Offerings, however, do not mean you’re doing any blood sacrifice. You might choose to promise the gods  you will do some activity that might please them, such as volunteering at a soup kitchen, or giving money to charity.

Spell stars-(video)  made from applesauce and cinnamon. They smell wonderful!

Offering stones- to be left once you take something from nature.

Giving thanks. As with any harvest festival, its important to take the time to be grateful of what you have in your life.

Celebrate by making a blessing wreath (or garland of gratitude) with writing all the blessing you have in your life and hanging it somewhere in your house.

Make gifts for friends and family to let them know you cherish the relationship.

Source: via Sharon on Pinterest

Post in comments any other ideas to share.