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Goddess Tarot: iPhone App or Traditional


To me, the divination tools such as Tarot or Runes are just that; tools. So when I found a Goddess Tarot app for the iPhone, I’m of the school of thought that using an electronic version is just as valid as using a paper based one.

What I like about the app is that it has a built in booklet to explain the cards. It includes the Celtic Cross spread, and the Three Card spread. You can pick just one card, and you can browse through the cards to memorize and read up on each card’s meaning.

The artwork is by Kris Waldherr, who illustrated books and does lovely art with goddess themes.

Kris Waldherr is an author, illustrator, and designer whose art has been exhibited in the National Museum of Women in the Arts. She is the author of Doomed Queens, The Lover’s Path and The Book of Goddesses, and creator of The Goddess Tarot. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

For those who prefer to feel the cards in your hands, you can also get The Goddess Tarot Deck through Amazon.

I also love the symbolism of the cards. Unlike the Waite-Rider deck which is a bit too dismal for my tastes, the Goddess tarot offers more in the way of lessons and powerful outcomes rather than focusing on the negative.

Ponderings on Tarot

I own only one Tarot deck. I know of other pagans that own several, who enthusiastically use them on a regular basis. So in a strange way, I feel rather inept as a Tarot reader compared to them. I might use them once a month, if that.

I find, lately, the idea of tarot cards and their uses intriguing, so felt it prudent to share on the blog. Here are some of my thoughts. 

< p>You don’t need to be perfect about Tarot readings. What’s important is understanding yourself (or who ever you’re reading the cards for). Symbols won’t form into any significant meaning unless you understand how to put them into context by understanding the person you’re reading for.

There is no ‘right’ tarot deck. All of them potentially work, but the key here is to use one that ‘feels’ best in your hands, and the images strike a chord in you.

You can read a regular deck of cards just like a Tarot deck. Naturally, you don’t have the Major Arcana, but this doesn’t take away from sifting out answers with just the regular deck. Here’s a cheat sheet.

You can make your own Tarot deck. This idea really intrigues me. Get some card stock, cut into the sizes you want, round the corners, and now decorate as you need them. You can use a specific style, photos, drawings, sketches, or symbols.

How to create your own deck using your intuition.

Print your own deck. I would highly recommend nice cardstock or even use the paper for printing photos. Its sturdy and being glossy offers easy shuffling. I also suggest using a corner rounder to smooth the edges

Squidoo page all on printing your own Tarot deck- includes files.

What’s your favorite deck? Have you had some good or bad experiences with Tarot? Post in comments.

A fun tarot online game

I can’t afford the many Tarot cards out there, so its nice to find online versions if only to see the cards. This lets me decide which ones I might want in the future.


There are nine different decks you can choose from at Llewellyn’s Tarot page. (and order from their page) And you can also find seven different card spreads to choose from.

I like the Shapeshifter cards with all the lovely art and animals in each card.

At Learnthetarot.com you can look up each card of the Waite-Rider deck to look up its meaning. This site includes card spreads and explanations for each card location.

You can print out your own tarot deck with using the images here at this site.

There’s also the option of creating your own tarot by your own art and symbolism. You can select your own number of cards within the deck as well, or even add cards as you design them over the years.

What’s your favorite tarot deck? Have you ever discovered a surprise within a card spread in meaning? Post below.