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Sparklemuffin- spider totem


I give you…the Sparklemuffin spider! This is one of a few newly discovered spiders found in Queensland Australia. This is also one of the ‘peacock’ spiders, that will show off their pretty colors in complex dances.

I happen to like spiders. I don’t kill them, but either scoop them into a cup and put them in the back yard or if its winter, they go down in my cellar. Generally, I don’t bother moving them at all. (The Black Widow I found was given the space under the porch).

Out of all the spiders, I love jumping spiders. They are cute, fluffy, and I would argue intelligent. They will watch you when you look at them, and anticipate your movements.

Here is a neat video showing off the Peacock Spiders dances (there are a number of different kinds)

Skeletorus şi Sparklemuffin

And what can the Sparkmuffin teach us? Sparkmuffin spiders teach us unique beauty, to dance like no one watches, and to focus on the important things in Life.

These harmless spiders are so pretty, in my humble opinion. What do you think? Leave comments below.

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Ritual garb, skyclad, or regular clothes?

img06When I first started in Wicca in my early teens, I admit the idea of ‘ritual garb’ appealed to me. The pretty dresses and robes, the head dresses, and exotic jewelry was all very alluring. As years passed, I experienced the ‘skyclad’ (ritual nudity) at festival, and joined in a skyclad esbat. But the cost of garb, the discomfort of nudity, my choice of preference is regular clothes.

Although gowns and robes can be as simple or ornate as you want, I always found them a bit cumbersome in ritual. Sleeves get in the way, and the hem tends to get too close to the fire. In the summer, they can be too hot, and in the winter, you look silly if you wear your winter coat over it.

And I hated the idea of black robes. My coven once decided ‘we’ would make ritual robes. All black, long sleeves, with hoods. I was against the idea. I threatened if they made me wear it, I’d bedazzle it or add glow-in-the-dark paint. It just wasn’t me.

WITCHAnd frankly, I couldn’t afford the nicer stuff. The photo here was a cloak my sister owned, and she was the one who did the ornate beadwork on the velvet vest, as well as the embroidery on the hood. But it wasn’t mine, and I doubt I would’ve worn it much to rituals anyway.

I’m a practical person; one who prefers comfort over fashion, and even the skyclad rituals tended to make me itchy (from sitting on grass or dirt), or suffer the odd sunburns if I was in direct sunlight.

So why ritual robe or skyclad at all?

opalmoonI’ve heard the idea is that you dress up for the holidays, like dressing up for church. Some pagans told me it was to add to the atmosphere of the ritual, or it marks a change in who we are when we enter Circle. I just don’t buy into that idea.

Skyclad (going nude) stems from the Alexandrian and Gardnerian practices where the ritual nudity strips you of earthy things and makes you equal with everyone in the circle.

Again, that just doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t need clothes or the lack of clothes to see others as being equal. And frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with seeing people as being better than others. Some people are better, through their knowledge, wisdom, and caring. Some people are not better, because they work from their weakness, such as jealousy, anger, or fear. I can still enjoy ritual and recognize them as worthy individuals.

What is your preference? Post in comments.

Signs of spring…

Today I can hear the rumble of the snow plow through the neighborhood, see the specks of white flying around to add to the inch already out there, and no one seems keen on leaving their homes. Churches and other events are cancelled, too.

So it is with this my thoughts and heart yearn for spring, wishing for the sun’s warmth, to appearance of growing things to bud.

The First Day of Spring, also known as Ostara (Eostre), is on March 20. Mark your calendars and hope we’ll see actual spring and not more winter.

What traditions do you enjoy in March to celebrate the Spring Equinox? Post in comments.